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About Dawn Larned, LMT


I'm a Massage Therapist, Yoga/Movement Guide, Choreographer, Body Nerd, Social Activist,

City-dwelling Farm Girl, Yaysayer, Full-bellied Laugher, Fierce Mama Bear of Twins, and 

Facilitator of Health and Wellbeing...

I regard the WHOLE person, not just as individual muscles, but as an entire interconnected system that communicates and interacts within itself. That means thinking about how your neural and energy pathways are flowing, whether your fascia is stuck or fluid, your hydration of tissues, your circulation and digestion, your emotional states, and your individual history of injury and repetitive use patterns, even, in fact, how cells relate and communicate within that system.  All of these play into how the body holds tension and how your brain interprets the sensory data coming to it from the rest of your nervous system.  

I believe in working with the client as a team to create a session that suits the individual. My sessions are active and require communication between therapist and client to fully gain insight into the body and its needs. I believes that my role is to aid the body in its own natural process of healing and homeostasis.

Modalities Offered:

Abdominal Massage:

The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® and Chi Nei Tsang (Chinese Abdominal Therapy)

The internal organs and sacral area are gently guided back into proper position. For women a tipped or displaced uterus can lead to a host of issues including infertility, painful and/or erratic menses, prolapses of uterus, bladder, or rectum, and pregnancy complications.  In men and women congestion in the abdominal region can lead to incontinence, strain on the pelvic floor, digestive issues, nerve impulse/ circulation/ lymph obstruction, and decreased libido.  In men it can also lead to enlarged prostate and erectile dysfunction.  These techniques encourage proper alignment of organs and fluid flow through the abdominal region, the core of our being.  The initial visit for The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® is two-hours long and requires a lengthy intake form and discussion.

$120 initial visit, $80 returns


Cranial Sacral Therapy

Cranial Sacral is not a "massage".  It is a subtle yet powerful system for helping your body return to balance and heal itself. The therapy relies on extremely light touch and focuses on the spinal column, bones of the head and cranium, and the sacrum at the base of your spine. It also utilizes easeful adjustments to fascia.  Both a subtle physical therapy as well as an energetic therapy, Cranial Sacral Therapy requires the deep listening of the practitioner to evaluate the Cranial Sacral Rhythm of the client.  This modality is performed with the client fully clothed and lying on the table.  It can bring a deep sense of peace, relieve headaches/migraines/vertigo, alleviate issues from whiplash, placate central nervous system disorders, and help to remedy a myriad other health concerns.  


Therapeutic Massage for Injury and Pain

Typically not a full-body session, but rather a site-specific session releasing pointed restrictions. It may incorporate the following:

Tui Na: Chinese Medical Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, PNF, and Myofascial Release.



Deep Relaxation Massage

This massage allows for complete integration of your systems.  It soothes the central nervous system and increases circulation and lymph flow. Touch brings awareness to each part of you allowing the brain to fully map each area of your body for increased functionality, decreased pain, and whole body wisdom/communication.  I utilize a combination of Swedish, Lomi Lomi Massage, Tui Na and Table Thai Massage.



Pre and Post-natal Massage

This gentle practice nurtures you, helps you to integrate your experience and prepares you for conception, birth, and motherhood.  These techniques assist in building sensory awareness and the self-inquiry that will be needed as you move through these stages of a woman's life.  As a prenatal yoga teacher for eight years and mother of twins, I can answer questions, give feedback, and support you from a place of knowledge and experience. 


**Call now to schedule an appointment with Dawn. Please advise front desk of type of massage desired.


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