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Pregnancy Care: Becoming a mama is hard work! Let us help you stay active throughout your pregnancy. As your belly grows and your center of gravity changes, it is common to experience low back, hip and pelvic pain. With gentle joint manipulation, muscle work, postural support, and exercise recommendations you have a greater likelihood of sleeping well, being able to exercise as you'd like, and having a shorter and less painful labor.

Postpartum Care: The rapid change from carrying a baby inside to carrying one outside causes significant postural stress often experienced as pain in the mid-back, shoulders, neck, and occasionally as headaches. Routine chiropractic care helps to alleviate your pain, increase your range of motion, and allow you to focus on your baby rather than your body. Additionally, Dr. Busetto is MamaLates certified and would love to help you regain your core and pelvic strength postpartum.

Babies: Have you noticed that your baby is more comfortable nursing on one side? Has a difficult time latching? Chomps at the breast rather than sucking? Often has his/her head leaned or turned a specific way? Hates tummy time? Has a significant flat spot or bulge on his/her head? Has colic or reflux?These are all indications that the muscles and/or joints of your infant's head and neck are not moving as well as they should be. We utilize gentle, safe, and effective craniosacral and chiropractic techniques to create balance and better range of motion in baby's bodies. This often results in less fussy babies that are more comfortable in their bodies and better able to efficiently nurse. As a pediatric chiropractor and IBCLC, Dr. Busetto has a special niche on treating babies before and after tongue tie revision surgeries. Feel free to contact our office today for more information.

Toddlers: As your child progresses from crawling to walking to running and jumping they take so many tumbles! Their bodies are adapting as fast as possible, but it's a tremendous amount of effort and often falls leave a child with inefficient muscle coordination or joint segments that don't have full range of motion. We recommend seeing children every 3-4 months for routine chiropractic evaluation. It's a quick check in to assess their gait, see how their body moves, and ensure excellent range of motion in their spine and extremities.

Pediatric Chiropractic Care: We recommend preventative care twice a year to ensure optimal movement of your child's spine during their growth and development. We recommend more frequent care if your child is experiencing frequent ear infections, constipation, headaches, growing pains, or sensory dysfunction.



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